Uti urine testing in doc office and lab?!

Question: Uti urine testing in doc office and lab!?
i get UTIs all the time the doctor i used to go to would send my urine sample out to the lab to get it checked and it always came back positive!. i can no longer go to that doctor becuase its not convered by insurance!. my new docotr tests for UTI's in the office and tells me my results before i leave the office!.!. and doesnt send them out my tests always come back negative even when im sure its positive!. one time after going to my new doctor and having a neg test i went to my old one and had to pay out of pocket!. and sure enough it was positive!.!.!. my friend said her mom had the same problem once and the doc who sent it to the lab would come back with a positive UTI test but negative at a docotr who did it in the office!.!.!.!. why is that!?!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

I think it is because the way they do the testing is different!. SOmetimes if its only a mild uti it wont show up in the test the doctor does in the office!. If he was a good doctor though, he would understand that despite the fact that the test was negative, that sending it away may be a better test!. The test they do in a lab is usually where they try to culture it and get it grow over night and then they find out if there was any bacteria!. The one they do in the doctors office is generally just the purple liquid which reacts to the urine and produces foam if its positive!. I definately think you need to either find a better doctor you can go to or be more pushy with the new one you are going to!. You would think that considering you are presenting with all of the symptoms of uti that a decent doctor would want to further investigate even if the test was negative!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

Who Cares!? I mean really!Www@Answer-Health@Com

it dosent reallly matter!.its probbably all in your head!. tests dont lie!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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