My moms boyfriend. Our relationship?!

Question: My moms boyfriend!. Our relationship!?
I think he's really nice to me!. He paints my nails and teases me!. He comes to games I cheer at and helps me with homework!. One night while my mom was on vacation and I was staying with my grandma he painted our living room!. He said I could stay here with him if I wanted to!. He didn't do anything to me (that I am aware of)!. Are these signs that he WILL do something in the future!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Wow, he does sound VERY involved!.!.!. but he may just be a very keen, wanting-the-new-girlfriend's-daughter-to!.!.!. I tend to the more cautious side, and if I were you I would definitely NOT stay the night!.
Buuuuuttt, I'm not there, so I can't be there in person to feel his 'vibe'!.

If there's ANYTHING that's slight offputting to you, than you MUST trust your instincts and do what's right!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I don't think that any of his behavior is particularly suspicious!. He may just think of you as a daughter!.

However, I would not stay over night with him alone!. As a parent, I would just view it as a safety issue, regardless of how much I trusted someone!. If your mother were married to him, it just seems to formalize the relationship!.

On one hand, something about his behavior is making you suspicious!. It may be with just cause, you may be picking up on something!. However, on the other hand, you may not be used to having father figure around!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I sort of understand what you're talking about!. It does sound a little freaky, but I think he's just trying to build a friendly relationship with you!. Almost everyone knows that having a step-parent can be real trouble for a child/teen because the child/teen feels as if the step-parent is trying to replace their own parent!. Maybe, he has an intention to marry your Mom, so he's probably just trying to get on the better side of you!.
Be friendly, but not too friendly!. Sometimes, some people can get really carried away which can cause them to do crazy thing, you know!. For example, if he asks you if want to come over for a sleepover to his house alone, don't go!. If he wants to do things like take you to the mall, or the movies or even show up to one of the games that you said you cheer at, then that's OK!. Don't think that he's some sort of psycho, unless something bad looks like it is going to happen or something already happened!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

that sounds kinda suspicious!. i wouldn't stay the night with him if i were you!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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