Is my girlfriend getting her period?!

Question: Is my girlfriend getting her period!?
With the recent scare of a possible accidental-Pregnancy because of a broken condom we are waiting to see if my girlfriend gets her period because she is 2 days late and she took a pregnancy test on the day of her missed period and it said Not-Pregnant!. Its been almost 2 weeks since we had sex and the condom broke!. Shes been on bc for 6 months, and she took the morning after pill the next day!. Its been about 3 weeks since she had her period!. She displayed the symptoms of pms for the past 2 days( moody ect!.) but still no sign of her period!.

I think the morning after pill messed up her cycles but we are just waiting for this last piece of reassurance!. How long might it be till she gets her periods if she was experiencing the symptoms 2 days ago!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

If I understand what you're saying, your gf took the morning after pill the day after the condom broke (just to get the time line straight)!.

Ok so lets look at this from start to finish:

September 1st-ish: your girlfriend finishes her period
September 7th-ish: you both have sex and the condom breaks
September 8th-ish: she has the morning after pill and has a "forced" period
September 21st-ish: It's been 3 weeks since she had her period and you both presume she's 2 days late!.

She may still have 1 week to go until her period actually comes!. The fact that she's showing PMS symptoms can be a good thing as they typically show up in the week prior to her period!. If you read the instructions for the pregnancy test they will state that doing the test on the first day of the missed period will not yield a great result as the hormones involved in being pregnant are very low at that time!. It's more like 2-3 days after you've completely MISSED your period that it's a good time to check!.

However - if she had a full period that came with the morning after pill she ought to be fine!. She may be late with her next period because - based on the timeline - she's only been 2 weeks since the morning after pill!. You may have another 1 to 2 weeks to wait until she has her period again!.

Unfortunately the Plan-B or Morning After Pill can really screw up her cycles!. The fact that she has been on the birth control pill for 6 months means she has a good buildup of it in her system!. By the time she's supposed to have her "forced period" so that 7 day period where she's supposed to have her period, and nothing happens go see the doctor!.

A blood pregnancy test will give you definitive results!.

Good Luck

The morning after pill can mess with your cycle a little bit!. I took it when my now husband and I had a scare a few years ago!. I ended up being about 6 days late!. Wait a week and if still no period, take another test!. Have her go to planned parenthood or whatever parenting clinic you have in your area and they will give her a blood pregnancy test if your interested in taking it that far for a test!. its free and confidential there!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

periods are a funny thing!. the more you worry about not having it, the later the period gets!. try to relax, and not worry about it anymore!. the morning after pill did the job!. the period is late because of the stress caused from worrying, honest!. it will come!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

its probably just late Www@Answer-Health@Com

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