Feminine question (no males!!!)?!

Question: Feminine question (no males!!!)!?
I need help!. I am very insecure!. I am 11!. I'm wondering how much weight gain is normal when devolping!. dont say talk to mom because she will say it is fine!. no beinggirl either!. it doesnt helpWww@Answer-Health@Com

I think it depends on the individual!. How tall are you how much do you weight!. You can go to certain websites to check your BMI and it will give you a range of where you should be!. I know you don't want to hear anyone tell you that you should not worry about your weight, but it's true!. the below website will calculate your bmi!.!.


Weight gain is very common, I hit puberty when I was 11 and I was a stick, literally!. I gained about twent pounds, making me 98 lb!. So It's very normal!. I know how you feel, I weigh 100 lb, and I really want to lose ten lb!. it's just pyschology, you feel that if you weigh a lot then you're losing charm, but you really aren't!.

I've been in your position!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

you should definitely be gaining a good amount of weight during puberty! this is the time when you make it to the weight you are probably going to be for the rest of your life (unless you loose or gain some weight during your life of course)!. but its completely normal!. i think i gained around 25 pounds over the years when i was developing and i'm really skinny! trust me it's totally normalWww@Answer-Health@Com

Everybody is different sweetie!. I had alot of baby fat at your age and as the years past it all went away!. If you feel that something is wrong then try some physical activities like basketball, track, or cheer leading!. I did and I had so much fun!!!! Www@Answer-Health@Com

well when i was 11 i was 96 LBS!. and 5-2Www@Answer-Health@Com

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