Does this mean that im growing? ?!

Question: Does this mean that im growing!? !?
Im 13 years old and i've been the same height (5ft) for about 2 years!. I would say my bones are pretty big cause the stick out more than my friends but they are skinnier than me!. (Im 110 pounds and muscular cause I work out) Anyway, I read someplace that when your growing your bones look bigger than usual!. Is this true!? Could I be growing!? I really want to be taller! thanks!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

Sometimes change seems to happen too slowly when we are young, and it may be reassuring to know we really are growing and maturing!.

Find a place to use as a "bench mark"!. This is a place we can return to to observe change, commonly a doorway or wall in a bedroom, but it can be anywhere there is a flat vertical surface!.
Stand on your bare feet with your back flat against this surface, and hold a book or other square or rectangular object with a side flat against the surface behind you!.
Slide the book down until it touches the top of your head, and holding it in position, ease yourself around and mark the bottom of it!. This will give you an exact level point from the top of your head!.
Mark this point!. If you are able to leave a permanent mark, all you will need to do is return at reasonable intervals, say once a month, and repeat this process!. Many people mark a spot for their children to do this, and write a name and date by each mark!.
Measure with a ruler or tape measure if you cannot leave a permanent mark to return to, or if you may move and not be able to reuse this location!.
Write the measurement and the date in a journal, diary, or other place you can return to so you can keep track of your upward journey!.

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