Is it possible that my mirena moved out of place?!

Question: Is it possible that my mirena moved out of place!?
I have had the mirena for a year now and have no problems with it and last night me and my fiance had sex adn during it i was real uncomfortable it felt like something was up there and when he would insert it it hurt severely!. So we quit but I couldn't move because of the cramps coming from up in there after about an hour of trying to move or just lay there it started to not be so bad!. and after an hour after that it went away!. What could it have been and i wonder if my mirena shifted adn could i have gotten pregnant from it!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, I was having pelvic pain and my Dr!. could not find it!. She eventually found it and I had it removed immediately!. Needless to say 5 months later I was expecting!. My husband end up getting a vasectomy!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

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