Doc says i Lack of vitamin D?!

Question: Doc says i Lack of vitamin D?
I went to my DR today and was told I was severly lacking vitamin D and have to take a huge dose of Vitamin D perscription that she gave me for 2 weeks. My question is what does it mean when your lacking Vitamin D? Will I have any symptoms? I have Arthritis so wondering if I will feel effects of more vitamin D and how? I am 26 yr old female.


You only have to take it for 2 weeks? You're lucky. I had to take 50,000 IU for a year, then 5000 for a year, then 2000 for a year. I finally JUST got to 32 (the bottom end of the "normal" range which is anywhere from 30-100). When they caught my deficiency, I was at 7. If you are severely lacking it, then a 2 week dose is not going to do it. Just an FYI. I am also 26 and female and I have an autoimmune disorder.…

Vitamin D is only produced when you are in sunlight for about thirty minutes every day the sun is out. Because V-D helps you absorb calcium, you need it for bone strength. The reason your getting what you consider a hight dose (I'm gonna bet 10,000 IU, which is 250 nanograms.)

Try getting out in the sun more when you've eaten something with calcium in it. It will help you regrow bones.

And, by the way, I know many people who are in your situation, either from sitting in the house or using too much sunscreen. Now you know. I hope that I was helpful.

Vitamin D is a vitamin that utilizes calcium and helps overall growth. People usually get their vitamin D from mainly the sun, and milk eggs and some other foods. If you have a lack of vitamin D it can lead to some bone softening diseases.

Without enough vitamin D your body cannot break down and assimilate (send to the necessary areas) your calcium.
One may have symptoms of calcium deficiency (google it) as a result of vitamin D not doing its job.
Best wishes.

You won't feel anything different, but your bones will be stronger. You're awfully young to have arthritis already. I was diagnosed with AO myself at 18 years of age. Bummer huh!

Take care of your bones they're the only ones you get.

vitamin d keeps your bones solid and strong. drink more milk

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