First time sex questions?!

Question: First time sex questions?
My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time last Saturday. I was properly wet and such but it still hurt a lot when he went in. Afterward, I noticed a small tear coming from the bottom of my vaginal opening. It bled minimally for about a day and has been stinging when I pee. Today, it stopped stinging and I looked at it in a mirror and the tear has appeared to heal within these five days. He and I are getting together again this Friday. If we were to have sex again, would it hurt a lot? would it re-open the tear? I'm also worried about infection, so would that be a risk as well? please help! >_<


Since it's your first time having sex it is going to hurt...sorry...the second time will hurt again, but not as bad just make sure your boyfriend is gentle with you. Also the tear and the stinging when you pee is normal after the first time having sex.

it shouldn't hurt as bad as the first time but maybe just a little everybody is you said make sure your wet so it don't hurt and make sure he is gentle with you until you get the hang of it.

I would leave sex till another time, it might tear, it might not..but if it did it would probably hurt, best to leave it for a little while.

normally when you first have sex, it does hurt and there is tearing, so yeah it pretty normal, as long as there is no heavy bleeding.

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