I have a couple of period questions?!

Question: I have a couple of period questions?
-Does a lot of blood come out? Do you get used to it?
-Can you feel the blood coming out?
-Is blood constantly coming out?
-What helps cramps?
-What are signs you will start soon?
-Do people notice you are going to the bathroom a lot to change your pads?


Only about 3-5 tablespoons of blood comes out each month. It will vary according to you... i have a heavy period so mine is about 5. Yes, you will get used to it! After the first or second month, it becomes no biggie!:)
Yes, you can feel the blood coming out. It doesnt feel like your dying or anything, just a little warm down there. If you use tampons that feeling will go away, but i suggest wearing pads a couple of months because you are still learning about your period, and i wouldn't want to put anything up there!
hmm... blood comes out maybe every 5-10 minutes. When you wake up and stand up, you feel like a human waterfall. Thats why to make sure you wear an overnight pad for bed. These are like 9 inches long and protect you more during bed.
I am one of the few lucky gals who don't get cramping, but my friends usually pop in an advil or tylenol to help. Also, a warm wet washcloth on your stomach will help extremely!
My signs were increases in discharge, mood swings and getting upset very easily! I have had mine for a year or so and i can tell when it's coming because i start crying over everything! It's embarrassing! You won't know when you will get your first one, everyone is different!
Yes, pads are noisy! but thats a fact of life! Everyone in the bathroom is a female and they go through the same thing! So relax, and let mother nature come when ready!
I hope i helped:)

Me... im 14

-Every woman's period is different. Some women have very heavy periods (meaning that they have a lot of blood come out), and some women have very light periods (meaning that they do not have much blood come out). Well, once you start having periods, you usually get used to having them, but you will probably never like your period.

-Sometimes. You can feel sometimes when it comes out and you'll feel it a little between your vagina, but it doesn't hurt, but you don't feel it while it's inside you.

-Blood will constantly be coming out for a few days, but it won't always be at the same "flow" or speed. Sometimes, depending on your flow, it will be a very light flow, and at other times, you'll get a heavier flow.

-Usually taking any pain medication like ibuprofen helps cramps. And you should also apply a heating pad to your cramping area.

-There are a few signs that you'll start soon, such as mood swings, etc., but that's only if you have PMS. Also, some women can feel their ovaries whenever they are ovulating, and that tells them when they are in the middle of their cycle. Really, to know when you're going to have your period, you'll just need to pay attention to how far apart yours come. All women do not have the exact same cycle, so you will just have to learn how yours is. Usually, a woman's period will come somewhere between 3.5-4.5 weeks after the first day of their last period, and your period can last anywhere from 3-7 days. When you first start your period, your flow will be very light, and it will look just a very, very light pink color, and it probably won't last very long.

-You shouldn't really have to go to the bathroom to change your pads too often. Usually how I go by changing pads or tampons is whenever I have to pee, but if you're worried about it, you can go check yourself in between classes, and you can even ask a close friend to "check" you, and they can look at your butt and see if you're bleeding through any. People probably won't notice if you're using the bathroom a lot, though. And if they do, so what? It's natural.

P.S.-Don't be too worried about it. Remember: all girls have to go through what your'e going to go through! :)

I hope this helps!!!! :)


- For me, the 2nd day of my period is the heaviest, when the most blood comes out. Yes, you get used to it
- Sometimes if the flow is pretty heavy you can feel a little bit of blood come out when you stand up. Kinda gross, but nothing to worry about, it's normal.
- As far as i know, yes
- I use midol. For me, it works if i take it right away when i feel cramps starting. If i don't take it right away it can take up to 3 hours to kick in. But i didn't even get cramps ever until 2 years after starting my period.
- My boobs will hurt about 5 days before i get my period. Sometimes i'll bloat a few days before too. It really depends on the person.
- lol, no people won't notice that. It's not like you'll have to go to the bathroom every half hour. Every 3 or 4 hours is usually when i change it.

4 years of periods

- Um it depends, Everyone has different flows on different months. Most of the time my 2nd and 3rd day are the heaviest. - And no you dont really get used to it, but you deal with it. And I always count down the days until it ends lol.
- I only feel the blood when I first stand up or when Im walking a lot after sitting. But With A good brand pad or a Tampon your good to go against leaking lol.
- No the blood ushally appears off and on. Mine will stop at night when Im sleeping.
- Some people do have cramps and some people dont, The best thing I use is Ibprofen, and A heating pad.
-I know it sounds weird, But I can feel it coming on lol, My lower stomach will feel weird and I get a bit irritable.
-EVERY girl has periods. Well If not yet then they will, trust me, no one will notice you changing a pad, And even if they do they wont care, Its a girl thing. And if anyone is rude about then they obviously havent started theirs yet and arnt a mature women yet. And for the boys... Just remind them that without girls they wouldnt exist ;) lol.
Keeping clean is a biggie, shower daily and change pads and tampons a lot. Discharge is normal and you should start within a year I would think. Your itty bitty so you might not start too quickly. Goodluck :) Hope I helped your worries.

It depends, some girls have light periods and some have heavy periods. I myself can feel blood coming out especially when im sitting down for long periods of time and then stand up. Is blood constantly come out? no. & it depends on how bad your cramps are, u can take tylenol, ibuprofen, etc but you'll know what you'll need, plus talk to a doctor don't just take meds....and try a heating pad!!! When i was getting ready to start for m 1st time i had cramps!! Don't worry about going to the bathroom a lot, being clean and as fresh as possible is a good thing. I have a lot of discharge too as long as it doesn't smell and it isn't an odd color u should be fine!!

if you need to know stuff like this, as awkward as it may be ask your parents or your doctor on questions like these. Trust me, if there is anything you want to know they will tell you.

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