Period is 4 days late?!

Question: Period is 4 days late?
So I usually have a 26-29 day cycle. But its been 32 days and it's really stressing me out! I want it to come now so I'm not on it spring break! It was supposed to come Saturday, but it's wed. night and it's still not here. I've always been regular, and I'm a virgin so there is no way I'm pregnant. The only thing that's changed about me is that everyday for the past two weeks I've been working out for at least 30 mins to an hour. Could that be affecting it?


Yes this is very normal, Periods don't always come on time and the fact that your worrying about it can make it late. Relax don't worry and you'll see it will be there. Taking vitamins should not affect it but who knows maybe in your case it did. Maybe you should slow down on your work outs for a few days and see if that helps, Do you feel as though you're going to start, (you know any symptoms like PMS or cramps) that's a sign that it will be there in a day or two,if not it will be there anytime soon..

Your cycle will always be apt to change, especially growing older, I'm 21 and have had irregular periods my entire life, and excersise most definitely changes my cycle, I have even skipped a period during parts of my life where I was more active! no worries! Try taking some Vitamin c. :)

Yes, sometimes your period will alter it's usual pattern. It's very normal and is nothing to worry about.

Personal experience.

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