How do u know when you r about to have a period?!

Question: How do u know when you r about to have a period?
I have discharge I'm 10 I have cramps leg pains change in eating middle size breast always fills like I pee on myself but I don't pls help worried


It happens when you feel ready, and when you feel like it should come soon. It happens when your body starts changing. just listen to your body and you will know. :)


It really is unexpected so i agree with the whole keeping the tampons/pads in the bag! I wish i had been told that! =P
I was 13, my mum brought me for my new glasses, i remember feeling sick and when we went to a place for breakfast i didnt feel like eating, went to the bathroom and had a mini heart attack before realising what was happening!! True story, its funny to think back haha.
I do remember having discharge leading up to it but i didnt realise it meant my period was on its way!
Also i began getting breasts when i was about 10 or 11 =)

Me =)

Aww your gonna be a woman soon :) depending on how long you have had discharge determines when you will get your period

I got my period at age 13 and I had no signs and now the only way I can tell its coming is the calendar but most people are irregular

if you have pubic hair and underarm hair you will most likely get your period soon. People usually get discharge about 6 mounths before they start there period.

everyone has thier own body clock, i started to get boobs when i was like 10, then it took 2-3 years for my peroid to come, just ask ur mom if you can keep some pad in ur backpack just in case.

It will come when you least expect it. Make sure to be prepared, carry tampons or pads around with you and know where the nearest bathroom is so you can be ready

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