Question: GIRLS: HELP ME PLEASE?!?!?!?
okay so in like two days my best friend is having a birthday party and I REALLYYYY wanna go!!! But it's a swim party and I'm on my period..... It sucks! And I've never worn a tampon before I think its to heavy to even wear one! My other friend isn't gonna swim cuz she isn't comtorable about her body or something and 60 people will be here's my questions.
1) Should I sit out of the pool or try a tampon or just not go?
2) Do I tell my friend or not?


just wear shorts and a bikini top and dip your legs in that way your not completely left out and spend time with the friend not swimming to keep her company if you don't wanna dip your legs in

try the tampon! dont let this intervere with your friend! you can get many different sizes. get which one you think you should use. you dont have to wear it all day. put it in before you swim then take it our when your done and if you go back in go to the bathroom and put a new one in so one and so on. also when you go swimming it slows down your period. i know it does for me. anyways have fun at the party!
hope this helped!

1. Asap start trying to get a tampon in becaus it takes a while to learn and if you can't get it go to the party and just don't swim maybe dangle your feet in the pool

Tell your friend. and try a may seem kind of scary if you have never used them before.But they are very easy to use and allow you the liberty of swimming...which is a great convenience about tampons.

if you get lucky you might be off your period in time for the party or just show up and fake a stomach ache

IDK ????

i would say tell ur friend.. try a tampon.. if its uncomfortable then just sit on the side and chat with friends.

Clean your vagina before the pool . And jump in !

tell your friend

tampon and go

Dont worry about it! Every girl gets their period and we all understand what you are going through. I doubt your period is too heavy for a tampon. Try inserting one. Also, when you are in the water, your period temporarily stops or gets lighter so chances are you will be fine! Just to be safe, try changing your tampon every 2 hours. If you change it the first time and find that it wasnt soaked, you can wear your second one for a longer amount of time. If you dont know how, there are directions in the box that you can read. If you still need help, ask your mom or look on the internet. Haha thats what I did. Trust me, your probably not the only girl going swimming at that party on their period. If your comfortable enough with your friend, you can ask her advice too. I would definetly not recommend not going, you would miss out on a lot of fun! I got my very first period when i was supposed to be on vacation and i was like "Screw it! Im going swimming and having fun."
I hope this helps!

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