How to forget about hunger?!

Question: How to forget about hunger?
Hi! How do you forget about hunger, even though you know it's gnawing at your stomach and you feel it's going to make growls and rumbles that are going to be super-LOUD, and that feeling itself kills you, but, you know you're not gonna get food for sometime now, maybe a couple of hours, even.

So, how do you not think about it and make the stomach growls stop? I need some help here, because no matter how large a breakfast I eat before going to school, I always end up hungry within 2-3 hrs. That is, during the 2nd or the 3rd period-- at times even 1st. And it's not like I'm fat. I weight 41 kgs, am 5'6" and 15 yrs. old (9th grade)


Your body is telling you that it is hungry for a reason. At age 15, your body is growing and developing at a very fast rate. Therefore you are burning lots of calories from all work your body is doing. That is why you are hungry. I recommend keeping snacks on you. Almonds are pretty good at filling you up. Granola, cereal, and other dry finger foods are a good idea and healthy as well. Eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day will even boost your metabolism, although it seems like you have a pretty fast metabolism already.
I agree your not fat. And, you're not going to get fat. Just eat healthy snacks when you're hungry then you'll be full and healthy.

Try having a large low gi(won't spike blood sugar, slow energy release), preferably high protein and fibre (very filling as takes longer to digest) breakfast if you can. I used to be hungry within a few hours but as I don't usually have time for lunch until 2 that was a nightmare. I usually have baked beans on toast about 7 am these days and I'm good to go until early afternoon.

it seems that your breakfast is not enough for Your requirement. i don't know your likings, dis likings, choices or preferences for foods but you must plan your diets for whole the day as per your calorie requirement.
at this age you require calorie according to growing age and needs. you must have some heavy balanced breakfast containing carbohydrates too, so that you may not feel hungry for at least lunch break.

Buy a strip of Pan40 from a chemist's shop. Have it in empty tummy just after you wake up. I think you will start getting immediate results regarding your singing bowel syndrome. And keep having a biscuit at the end of each period with due permission from the school authority, in written, which I hope, they won't turn down.


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