Period is one day late. Is it time to freak out?!

Question: Period is one day late. Is it time to freak out?
Okay so first of all, I know that it is possible to get pregnant without having sex and if you disagree with me, your input is not going to help. If he got sperm on his hands and fingered me, it is possible for me to get pregnant, correct? When should I start worrying about me being pregnant? My period has never been late before.


Don't worry about being a day late. Sometimes stress will cause your body to jump off course. Also, being pregnant from "being fingered with sperm" is very highly unlikely, but it can happen given the sperm is still alive. Typically when you have sex a lot of sperm is ejaculated and most of them die before they reach the egg to fertilize it. Give it a few weeks before you start to question weather you are pregnant or not.

I know that when someone is just starting to have periods it is possible for their cycles to vary slightly from month to month. After my first period it was MONTHS before I had another one. I'm sure that it is just a natural variance in your cycle since you are still rather young. Stress can also affect the onset of your periods. Give it a little time, but if you are that worried, you can take a test now.

if sperm gets inside, it is possible to get pregnant.
You may want to go to a doctor to check.
A home pregnancy test won't show true results until two weeks after.

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