Question about virginity? and what could be considered sex?!

Question: Question about virginity? and what could be considered sex?
Okay, so my friend just recently skipped school so her and her boyfriend could have "sex".
She won't stop bragging about it! but when she told me about it she said that what he did was basically put a little bit of his penis in her vagina, and then took it out.
Then they where done.
now, can that honestly be called sex?


No, it is two immature people, with a little bit of knowledge of the art of sex playing with fire.
Put them back in their playpen and give them some sex education and when they get to an age where they know about all of the issues concerning sex, let them try again.
My expectation is that she will be pregnant before then as she didn't know what would happen when the orgasm occurred and he didn't know about protection.
Unfortunately an all too common occurrence in America today.

Here's Wimbledon's answer, re-written as to be useful:

Skipped school for sex?
I'd say her virginity is the least of her concerns. Poor school performance is a one-way ticket to poverty. I hope she wises up.

To answer your question though: yes. Penetration = sex.

PS: I'd hang out with smarter people if I were you.

Technically, any vaginal penetration could be consider sex. Oral sex is considered sex by some. I woulsnt say yes it is but I wouldn't say no it isn't. It just depends on the person and their views.

Penis + vagina = sex.
She needs to stay in school, sex is NOT worth that. Why not just masturbate in the comforts of her own bed and wait until she's old enough to not HAVE to skip school in order to have sex?

Skipped school for sex?
I'd say her virginity is the least of her concerns. Premarital sex is a one-way ticket to Hell. I'll pray for her soul.

I think its sex but I guess technically shes still a virgin if her hymen is still intact.
I would consider it sex though but thats just because of how I feel.
I think giving someone oral sex is still sex.

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