Vaginal soreness D: help?!

Question: Vaginal soreness D: help?
I lost my virginity recently and ive noticed my vagina getting itchy and it hurts alittle around the hole, Any idea what's wrong? ><


Are you sure your partner didn't have anything?

If he doesn't, it could just be cause you were stretched due to being a virgin. It should go away soon.

If you also have a chunky discharge, it's probably a yeast infection. It's also a good idea to go to a gynecologist since you are sexually active.

Could be an STD or a yeast infection or you could simply need to shower more often =) If it continues to be a problem then you need to go to the doc.

Maybe you should go have a doctor check it incase it's an STD like herpes or something. I think itching could be a symptom of that...

crabs or your Virgina shore..


sex is bad, it could be an std or just because you had sex! lol. :P

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