is my clitoris weird?!

Question: Is my clitoris weird?
i am sexually active but i don't really look at my vagina or mess around with it and i was wondering:

1.Is it weird for the clitoris to get significantly hard after i have had sex?

2.If i pull my clitoral skin back a bit, exposing the pink inner area and i touch it, it feels very tender and uncomfortable, but if i let the skin cover it then it feels pleasurable.Why is that?

3.Right after i have an orgasm my clitoris becomes unbelievably sensitive as in (omg don't touch it again) and/or i become extremely ticklish down there, does that happen to most girls?

4.why is it that i have to clench or tense up my vaginal muscles and pelvic muscles,concentrate very hard,not move and possibly not breathe just so i can have an orgasm?


1. That's normal
2. Also normal, the skin acts as a female "foreskin" the clitoris is actually the sensitive part underneath
3. Yes that happens to everyone, it will go away by itself
4. everybody orgasms differently and it is easier for some than others. try to relax a little and let it happen naturally (i dont know how sexually active you are but the more comfortable you feel the easier it becomes

Yes your clitoris is weird, clitoris are not supposed to go hard they are actually supposed to shrink and become softer and it sounds like you may have a clitoris disfunction called clitorius dituxis. Call your gp as soon as possible.

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1) No its completely normal. The Clit like the pen** gets hard and erect when stimulated or from dirty thoughts and porn.

2) In female human anatomy, the clitoral hood, (also called preputium clitoridis and clitoral prepuce), is a fold of skin that surrounds and protects the clitoral glans. I don't know why it isn't as pleasurable under the hood

3) OH I know what you mean. I think thats normal. I read "The clitoris may be extremely sensitive after the first orgasm, she may find herself feeling very uncomfortable after sex"

4) I'm not sure maybe you should think of a fantasy while you are having intercourse

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