Which contraceptive method do you use or have you used?!

Question: Which contraceptive method do you use or have you used?
I take ortho novum 777 currently, before I took the shot..I dislike both so I plan to switch so I'd like different opinions and options.

1.Do you like it why/why not?
2.Why did you stop taking it? (if you did)
3.What are the side effects? (if any)
4.What is the name of it?
5.Any cases of pregnanices while on it?


I took Cilest, oral contraceptive pill.

1. I did like it a lot.
2. I stopped taking it because i became depressed. Although the pill didn't cause my depression, i dont think it helped.
3. The first time i took it, i felt nauseaus the next morning, but i took paraetamol and it was fine from then on.
4. cilest
5. nope, none at all.

Q T : I have no use for BC Pills /chemicals. I have tried 3 and the IUD min-era.[sic] to many side effects and never did get to TRUST them a BC.
I am a Cheer GEEK have been for 11 yr,. I was S x A before that .and the Pill was almost forced on me by my parents as soon as it was apparent I was hooked on 0r gas m..BUT why ? I am a "Pill 00ps" myself as are 11 others in my blood relation. not ignorant ppl they have collage degrees 2 nurses and a VET. other business's , But still had FAILS as far as the pill was concerned.
So I use spermicide every time no exceptions [well maybe 2 and they both were Negative after Plan B ] My Squad mates fall like Fly s all the way through HS and collage We are in a SEX Y sport. and most of us are Passionate people with Drive and concern for others. WE have the Alpha Males at our disposal so to speak. So the opportunity's Abound . 2 point 5 times per week since Menarche. X5 on holiday week ends. never trust the pill to avoid pregnancies. .

i took tri cyclen lo

1. no, i gained weight and was very moody.
2. yes, because of above reasons
3. i'm not to sure, same as regular birth controls
4. look above number 1
5. same as other birth control (so very slim if taken right)

here is the website about it if you wanna read: http://www.thepill.com/thepill/

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