Ok, I am really late, please answer?!?!

Question: Ok, I am really late, please answer?!?
Ok, I have had my period for 4 years, so I kinda figured that i would be regular by now. But I am 16 days late?! I am getting kinda worried because I have only ever been a week late, never 2 weeks, so can anyone tell me why it's taking so long?! I am pretty active, I play volleyball for 2 hours 3x a week and I have gym every second day, and I go to the gym once a week. Why am I so late?! P.S. I am 100% virgin, so I CAN'T be preggo.

And if it matters, I am on acne medication that gets rid of extra bacteria in your body, and I have been on it for 3 months.


It could be caused by your medication. Google it and see if it mentions the symptoms. If that is not it, it's not unusual for anyone to skip a month or two. Stress of worrying about it will just make it worse

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