Can the period affect the....?!

Question: Can the period affect the....?
Can the period affect the guy penis?..if yes, wat could happen? I did it but I'm on my last day I guess cuz I wasn't bleeding much but still there was blood and now I'm worry me n him wud get somethin...he came inside me 3 or 4 times...can I get prego frm it?


Yes, genius, you can get pregnant. And no, nothing can happen to him.

No, your period cannot affect a penis. You cannot catch anything from having sex on your period, aside from HIV and STDs, which you can catch no matter where on your menstrual cycle you are. And yes, you most definitely can get pregnant. I would use a condom for now on, or if you prefer, go on birth control. But remember, birth control doesn't protect against any form of HIV of STDS.

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