what happens if you took the wrong birthcontrol pill?!

Question: What happens if you took the wrong birthcontrol pill?
ok so im on the last part of my birthcontrol wear its brown and myself i took thrusdays pill (white one) on wednesday cuz my days have been all missed up and i forgot-so what do i do? do i take the brown today or just take a the white one thats for friday-today?


Just take the one you were supposed to take today (the brown one) unless the white ones are placebo pills. If you started on the placebo's then I would say just keep taking them and start the new pack when they run out. If you told us what the specific brand was it would help a lot.

Awesome. Thanks for editing.

Okay is this your birth control then..?


If so, the brown pills are just the placebo pills. They have an iron supplement to help reduce anemia but they don't contain any hormones. All you did was accidentally start a new pack early. Just keep taking one white pill a day as if it never happened. It shouldn't alter the pregnancy protection in any way but if you want extra reassurance a condom never hurts.

You're completely fine though. You can actually occasionally skip those pills altogether and start a new pack right away if you ever want to skip a period.

This explains how and why it's okay.


So no need to worry. Just keep going with the new pack like it never happened.

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