What disease does my chest have?!

Question: What disease does my chest have?
Well, it's not the chest, but just near the center of my boobs. [= =]
I think it's a rash because it's really itchy. Im sooo concerned because it's not only itchy but it looks like a have a bruise !@##!$% I don't want to scratch it because i'm afraid it might start to bleed. It was super red once because the skin literally peels off. Don't get me wrong, the bruise has no bumps or anything, it feel more... like ... Somthing is happening underneath the skin. Can someone hepl?! Im scared to talk to my mom about it. (T,T)

Thanks for those who advise me (:


Sounds like either eczema or psoriasis. Might also be an allergic reaction to something. Have you eaten anything new? Used a new perfume and sprayed it there? Is this rash/flaky skin appearing anywhere else?

I'd talk to your mom about it and have her make an appointment with a dermatologist. In the meantime, don't scratch it, it will only make it worse and you could end up getting an infection. And don't be scared, it seriously just sounds like a skin problem.

I think I have the same thing;it might be a fungal infection.Go to the doctor FAST and ask if it is,or it'll spread to your neck.

On medication for a fungal infection under and in between my boobs.

better see a dermatologist....probably a fungal infection if its itchy!...cancers arent usually itchy....see your dermatologist....if you are afraid of yoiur mom....not to worry...dont thinik yor mom would be pissed about a rash!

You need to see a doctor if you think it's a disease.

tell your mom thats the first thnik you should do

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