Does period pain subdue with age?!

Question: Does period pain subdue with age?
I've been on birth control for 3 years. I'm 23. Birth control is a miracle, I would never been able to keep a job without it! I'm in the top 0.00005% of people that have the worst period pains ever. I know a lot of people claim they have the worst period, but a doctor agreed that my period pain was probably similar to LABOR contractions. It was like having a baby every month, I got a fever, threw up, fainted, ended up at the hospital and the first 2 days I could be found sleeping in the bathroom (by the way I have an extremly high pain tolerance) was awful and I really wanted to get surgery to get my ovaries out.

I don't want to be on birth control forever, I know it's not good for you. Does period pain lessen with age? I'm so scared to even get off the pill and test the waters, I'm literally afraid of my period lol


not a reason to have a kid but i found that most of the unpleasant symptoms i had with my period disappeared after i had my first child. i was like you and had fevers and all kinds of rotten symptoms.

Aw, it must be awful. I'm 13 and really want my period (though, not quite sure i do now!) At school in sex ed, one girl asked this question, and the nurse said that it's different for everyone. Many women find that they lessen, while others don't. The person above is right (though, obviously, that it not a reason to have a child) but the pains do, apparently, lessen after child birth.

Hope this helps, & good luck x

Try going salt/sodium free--at least two weeks before your next period. Don't even drink soda. Don't salt food. Rinse all canned vegetables--even frozen ones. Avoid fast foods. Don't eat frozen foods. Don't eat ham or bacon. Just eat really healthy. Drink a lot of water. Avoid juices and drinks with sodium in them.

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