Was This My Period? Please Help?!

Question: Was This My Period? Please Help?
A few weeks ago i had a ton of white thick discharge and cramps and headaches and my chest was tender... i went to the bathroom and there was a little bit of blood but it didn't continue...Im super confused..some1 please help! thanks!


Don't worry! you do not have a serious medical problem. you are not pregnant as long as you aren't having sex that young. and you don't have to worry because it happens to everyone. It probably was you're first period because the exact same thing happened to me. Your first one is always really irregular and short, and usually just a little spot of blood. sometimes it will come back a few days later, or not untill the next month. for me, i wouldn't get it for a whole day, and the whole thing lasted about 5 days. just be lucky, it wasn't a heavy flow and didnt last long! and just incase it does come back, wear some panty liners. good luck!

go to hospital...there you will get help.

past experience

Don't worry: it's just spotting. It happens to everyone. It happens in between periods.

did you have sex before then?
if yes, then it's possible that it was implantation bleeding if you are pregnant.
good luck

yes the blood was probably your period but didnt last long because it was your first one!

Take a pregnancy test

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