What does having a narrow cervix means?!

Question: What does having a narrow cervix means?
I remember during my last pap-smear, my gynecologist was trying very hard to jam his finger in me to feel my cervix I believe, and he told me that I have a narrow cervix. And I've never been pregnant before

I don't know why I didn't ask him what it met, but later on that day when I went home the question popped back up in my mind again. So I asked my mother and she told me that no matter how hard a guy try, it would be very hard for him to knock me up lol .... So any one else have a clue what this means? Thank-You.

And I would really appreciated it too if some one can give me a link to a health site that provides some professional insights as well



well, it really depends on what he was referring to by saying you have a narrow cervix. I am assuming he means your endocervical os, which is the opening you can visually see when performing a pap smear.

There are a number of conditions that can change your cervix. It dialates during your menstrual cycle in order to allow blood and material to flow out of your uterus, and it dialates during orgasm to allow sperm to enter your uterus.

If it is narrow, it could cause cramping and abnormal bleeding during your period, and can cause you to have a difficult time getting pregnant.

Of course, your cervix changes with age, and is based entirely on your hormone level. If you wanted to get pregnant, you would see a specialist who might give you hormone suppliments to assist you in getting pregnant.

Remember, every person's body is unique and beautiful.. I wouldnt worry about your 'narrow' cervix, until it becomes a problem.. :)

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It means that the area that connects your vagina and uterus is very small or narrow.

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