Weird question about lady parts :P?!

Question: Weird question about lady parts :P?
My mom and aunt and grandma all have big boobs like 36C's and 38D's. I am 15 and i have a size 36 B i got my period when i was only 11 and i have always had big boobs for my age now i don't, well to me i don't know about other people but whatever i think there small. Do you think that will keep growing like my mom and aunt? plus im not super skinny i weigh about 115LB.

Thanks for your help No rude comments thanks!!


youll keep growing no worry. you stop growing tell the age of 21

Everyone is different hunny :-) I wish I was the same size I was when I was 15! I was about a 34B then. Now I am 40 and I am .....well....a lot bigger! LOL!
Big boobs are really not that nice....honest!

the more weight you put on the bigger they will get.

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