It hurts to have sex?!

Question: It hurts to have sex?
soo my bf and I have had sex like 6 times and it always hurts me. I'm 15 and I'm really tiny like I only weigh 87 pounds and I like 5'1". my vag is deffinatly tight. after the first time it I thought it wouldn't hurt as much but everytime it hurts like really bad. I feel bad saying this but it's not like he's that big but I guess he's to big for me? we had sex on my period once and then it felt really good and the pain wasn't as bad. I wanna know what I can do so it doesn't hurt as bad. help?


You arent to young, its your life do whatever you want.
but try streching and having a healthy diet, it makes it easier for women to have an orgasm
also try to spread your legs are far apart as you can, even if your legs hurt..use lubricant , and make sure he goes slow at first
it shoudlnt hurt.

at 15 you really should not be having sex waiting till marriage is best my if you must have sex sounds like you might have Painful sex (we docs call is dyspareunia) is normal when you first have sex. Because your hymen may still be intact when you lose your virginity, sex often hurts in the beginning. But after a while, the pain should lessen and then resolve. If it doesn’t, a variety of conditions can be responsible, including vulvar vestibulitis (inflammation of the vestibule), vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles), allergic reactions to things such as latex condoms, and endometriosis (when lining from the uterus gets on the ovaries, bowel & pelvic lining). As women age, they also have lower levels of estrogen, which can make the vagina thinner, leading to atrophic vaginitis. be sure to use lots of lubartion too

" we had sex on my period once and then it felt really good and the pain wasn't as bad".

FIrst off, ALWAYS use a condon and/or birth control. YOu are too young to make a mistake getting pregnant, I don't know you but I still want you to be safe :)

Second, it sounds like you just need to use extra lubrication. Your period provided that extra wetness and you may need to use extra lubrication. If that does not help, consider seeing a gyno to help because you may have other issues that need personal care.;...

its called WAIT!! your 15 girl!! my Friend got PREGNANT at the age and completely ruined her life! YOUR 15!!its illegal!! 6 times? wow slow you roll girl. your not ready especially if you use the word 'vag'
-------------------------------ANSWER-… (i don't think you deserve one you should just stop)
you need to use some lubricants like KY jelly. or a little bit of Vaseline. it doesn't stop hurting right away every girls different. your hymen is not completely done breaking. have you bled? if not its prob not broken. it will start to feel better as it progresses. you should really stop. oh and hes not going to be to big for you. our body are made for it. can fit anything from carrot to baby's head :) good luck. you should stop but its your life. try not to ruin it! :)


Perhaps its because your body isn't physically ready for sex? If you are comfortable with it, ask your mom or someone to take you to the obgyn, you should go right before and after you had your first time anyway.

Are you doing enough foreplay? Are you using lube? Is he thrusting slowly until you feel stretched out enough to go faster?


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