Is it ok to wear a pad during tennis?!

Question: Is it ok to wear a pad during tennis?
I am 13 and this us my second period. It is REALLY heavy eight now and I have tennis in a few hours and i will play for two hours straight. J can't wear tampons so don't say anything about them and I don't have any spandex. I'm definitely gonna wear my black shorts but any suggestions?


Oh yeah def wear black shorts and a really thick pad! Your period will be heavier since your moving around, so make sure you bring about 3 extra pads, plus the one your wearing!!! Your gonna need to change them every hour since it's heavy. Good luck and buy some spandex!!!! Good luck

Yes, of course it's okay :-)

In the future you may want to be better prepared with some small adjustments.

Consider using cloth pads like these -… - the advantage is that they're more comfortable and breathable than commercial pads like Always or Bodyform so won't make you feel sweaty or cause irritation as you move about, they are also good as you can get them in different colours to match your shorts so they're more discreet.

Consider getting period panties, you can get either padded type like Lunapanties which are underwear with pads built-in so more discreet and more comfortable when active, or leak-proof style like Sexy Period which have leak-proof lining, you'd still need to wear pads with these but will prevent leaking.

Consider using menstrual cups, you don't mention why you can't use tampons, if comfortable using internal protection cups are easier to use, more comfortable and safer than tampons, they're better for active girls as they can reduce cramps, they can be worn with any flow for up to 12 hours without health risks, and they don't leak like tampons or pads, as they're internal they're more discreet too.

There are some really good pads out there these days. Wear one meant for overnight, with wings. (Stayfree or Kotex I prefer.) They come in thin, but do the job!!
You're fortunate. When I had my first at 13, all pads were this big and bulky things.(more than 40 years ago) Though they're still made, I don't wear them!!

And yea, wear those black shorts.


It is perfectly fine to wear a pad during sports. I know that when you first start your period you don't want to stick something up there! (Tampon) It just isn't as comfy but everything will be perfectly fine!
Good luck!

of course !

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