how to know if she is interested.?!

Question: How to know if she is interested.?
I am not the best at reading signs, even though i have read somethings about them, and i would like to find out if she is interested before i try to make a move, im 17 in my physics class there is this girl, and she has sat next to me all year, she sits next to me with here legs crossed pointing my direction she is always moving around, she is always leaning towards me, she starts random conversations with me, sometimes wear in the middle of a lesson and she will ask me to look at something, or want me to comment on something, she asks how was my weekend was, and we just talk, i tease her and sometimes she teases me, i have said hi to her in the hallway a couple of time, before i enter the class she looks a little down, but when i sit next to her she just livens up, and if we accidentally touch knees or legs she will keep hers there and i will keep mine there and just rub, she tells me about how things are going, what she did over the weekend if i ask, and she talks about her job her car, in the halls sometimes if i just pretend not to notice her she will stare at me, or look at me out of everyone else, she prefers talking to me other than the people that sit around us,sometimes she will poke me to get my attention, she also laughs at things i say that are not that funny, or a bad joke. what do you guys think, we are both 17.


Whoa she wants it! She seriously likes you! Ask her out! :D xxx

well, it think she is intresed i always try to get a guys attention when i like them .. im 13! she is intrested u should ask her out...

She likes you alright - ask her out!

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