Have I Started My Peroid?!

Question: Have I Started My Peroid?
Ok. Well im only 10 and i have white/ clear gooey stuff "down there" and i can feel it when it comes!!! IM SCARED!!! HELP!!! PLEASE!?!


No, it's not your period. :) And this is very common for girls to experience, and this is probably the first of many times that this will happen. I'm not completely sure what is it, but it basically helps protect and keep your insides down there healthy, safe and clean. It's kinda like the mucus that covers slugs and snails-- it protects them by forming a barrier. It sometimes might be extra gooey/chunky because the lining/tissue inside your vagina/uterus/just stuff down there is coming out.

The more proper term for it is "discharge", and it is perfectly normal and healthy. So don't be scared. The fact that you are having this now means that your body is becoming hormonally ready to start your period-- which might be here with in the next year!

Having this "discharge" CAN be very uncomfortable, because you might feel wet down there-- and it's just weird. Don't be afraid to tell your mom, or whoever it is that you stay with. They can get you panty liners, which are like pads, but muchmuchmucchh thinner, and this will stop your underwear from getting all gross without you having to feel like you're wearing a diaper.

Don't be embarrassed! It's a part of growing up, and we all go through it.

You should also be on the look out on what exactly is coming out, and see what color it is and what it smells like sometimes. If it starts to smell bad, and the color changes to something crazy like brown, let someone know! It might mean that you have an infection.

And like I said, don't be scared or embarrassed. Tell your mom or dad or even your school nurse-- I'm sure that they will be glad to help you. It's normal!

Goodluck. :)

Well, i got this when i was ten too. No its not, its just discharge and is sorta unconfertable, you might want to wear a panty liner if it bothers you too much, dont be worried,its normal :-)

Im a girl too :-)

calm down i got mine when i was 10
but that doesnt sound like a period....ask yr mom (i kno ull feel uncomfortable but usually they have like 25-30 years experience in that business; plus they luv u)

Only discharge you'll probably get it next year though.

No. You will be fine. It is stuff that is completely normal. i have it too.

No, that is discharge. That will happen for up to a year before you get your period.

No , It's Just Discharge .

I'm not the one to ask sorry!

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