Am i to tall for my age? Cause i hate how tall i am?!

Question: Am i to tall for my age? Cause i hate how tall i am?
I'm a 11 year old girl and I'm 5 feet 5 inches I'm taller then all my guy friends and almost taller then my tallest guy friend he's in the 7th grade and I'm in 6th just saying. also almost taller then a 8th grader my crush


First of all, you should never hate the way you are, those things you don't love about yourself are actually the ones that make you different, unique and make you stand out from the crowd :).
Second, don't worry, your friends will grow in a couple of years, you'll see, around 8th - 9th grade, there won't be such a big difference. In the mean time, take advantage of your height xD

I don't think there's a such thing as too tall for any specific age. There might be a "too tall" for human height, and that usually indicates a problem, but as long as you're still as tall as is normal for a fully grown person, you're fine.

Girls are first taller than boys, because they start puberty faster. You will slow down on growing, and the boys will tower over you out of nowhere. Don't worry boys will be way taller than you. They start growing faster around 12-13 years. :)

nahh.. you're good . girls start growing before boys, by the time you're 15 or 16 u'll be surprise to see them taller than you girlie !! :)


Um. YES you are WAY tall for your age. But lots of people are tall.
Im in 8th grade and im averagely normal. 5'3

don't worry I;m 5 foot 1 or 3 forget which. It is fine. My teacher said during sex ed just wait till high school cuz a lot of the boys will tower over you!

Well I'm about 5'5" and I stopped growing in the 7th grade.

your not that tall my friend is 5ft9 in 7th grade

i am tall to same agei understand girl

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