Bra size question !!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!?!

Question: Bra size question !!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!?
Alright, so im 13 .
And I get made fun of for my chest size alot .
im 5'5 and am about 100 lbs .
my bra size is 32a


Hey, No Worries. My situation is exactly the same, Cept I'm 80 pounds. I get teased a lot too. People tell me the fat kids have bigger boobs than I do.
Don't worry:)
70 years from now when we're all old, the girls with C cups now, will be all saggy. And the two of us will be cougars with our beautiful boobs:) Haha thats kinda awkward.:)
No worries:)

you might still get boobs, or you might be that flat forever. whatever the case, NO one should be making fun of you because everyone is different! there are tons of girls who don't have boobs, and tons of girls who have boobs that are too big! the girls picking on you could very well be wearing padded bras with stuffing in them!

well... not all girls develop at the same age or time. my brother is 13 also and some of his friends are about the same size. your just a late bloomer i have a friend who is 12 and is 34a and another who is so small cant and doesn't need to wear one. you'll grow just give it time.

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