Can you masturbate while your on your period?!

Question: Can you masturbate while your on your period?
I started my period today, but i love to masturbate. if there a safe way to do it while I'm on my period, or should i not do it for the week? if i can, any tips?


Yes you can masturbate while on your period. It will be messy but there is no problem masturbating on your period. I would just concentrate on your clit and don't put anything up inside you. If you have cramps with your period like most women the contraction from your orgasm during masturbation will provide at least temporary relief from the cramps.

Well, how do you masturbate is the question? Are you into f1ngering, rubbing your cl1toris, or both? If you wear a tampon, and you just stimulate your cl1t, that would be easy to do. But if you wear a pad...that'll be one bloody mess x]

absolutely you can masturbate when on your period, a good orgasm also relieves period pain, you go girl!

It's no different to masturbating at any other time. Just wash your hands before and after.

A lot of girls do it in the shower so there's less mess.

you can

that's kinda gross. Why would you even want to do it on your period lol...but everyone to their own! I'd say the shower is your best bet.

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