How do I know what size tampons I need because I haven't measured how many !

Question: How do I know what size tampons I need because I haven't measured how many ounces I bleed?

I would start out with the regular ones. Then if you find yourself changing them too often then go up to a super. But don't just start off with a super or a super plus just because you don't want to change them often. It is very bad to keep the same tampon in for more than 4 hours. They actually recommend you changing them out like every 2-3 hours just so your not at risk for toxic shock syndrome.

just stick with a super theyre not to big, but not too small, just right and keep back up of jumbo just in case , youll be fine, and if you use regular just have a lot on hand when you go out for long periods of time...haha get it? periods? no. that wasnt funny at all

ummm lol......i dont think anyone does that, but if u think u have a heavy flow, then u go with the maximum protection but one ur comfy with, if its light just get a lighter one, and if u thinks its in the middle then get the one in the middle

You don't measure your blood.

You go by how heavy your flow is. Usually I buy the supers, just so I don't have to change it so much, if my period is heavy.

just experiment and see which hold all of the blood and gets filled most of the time... you dont want one that has a lot of white left because then you could be at risk for TSS...

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