hey bulimia out cry here: what 2 do who 2 tell an how 2 just live with it?!

Question: Hey bulimia out cry here: what 2 do who 2 tell an how 2 just live with it?
i told my very best friend and she was great about it
i told my other best friend and she's just like "first cutting and now this?! wtf!"
i askd her if she actually believed me and she said yeah but that she doesnt get y im not normal
i kno i cannot tell my mom
but the weird thing is, i dnt mind the disease. like i dnt mind puking (except for the fact that i have 2 puke in the shower so no one hears me)
anyway but like i kno this girl who used 2 have bulimia and she got skinny and then she got bttr and she's like shorter and chubby and i wantd 2 ask her but i decided against it
but i just dnt kno what 2 do! i feel like bulimia will help me not want 2 cut or look in the mirror and want 2 break it
im like almost obese (i checkd my bmi; i dnt look it but i am)
i dnt kno wat 2 do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im ok w/ having bulimia but im not sure how 2 deal w/ it and how 2 avoid the lasting effects
SOS plz


Aww hun, I know how you feel... I had anorexia for 3 years... I didn't mind it, and was scared just like you but you know what?
After I got the help I needed, I can look in a mirror and see that I'm Not that ugly girl I thought I was. The first while is hard, I won't deny it. I cried probably every night just dealing with my emotions and stuff... but then one day it just hit me, I looked in a mirror and felt more beautiful then I ever did with my eating disorder
And even with your e.d. Your never going to get to the point where you see yourself as skinny, no matter how skinny you are, you will always think the worst... It's after you recover when your mind goes normal again that you can see the true you.
You DO need to talk to your parents... when I decided I had to do it, I cried all day, stayed home from school, wrote them a note and when they got home from school and checked the note, I cried and was in the fetal position because I was scared of how disappointed in me they would be... but you know what? They hugged me.
We think that we'll be a huge disappointment, or that our parents will get mad, but they wont. My mom cried with me for hours after that. They just want to see you get better.
I can't convince you to "turn yourself in" or whatever, it's truely up to you, but all I can do is tell you my situation, and how I'm a better person for coming out on top. I've got to help Tons of kids dealing with eating disorders, or the beginning stages, and I'm so glad I can help stop some people from doing what I did. It's the best feeling in the world knowing from your mistakes, you can possibly save lives, just by talking about it!

You need to tell an adult. Bulimia, as well as any other eating disorder, can cause your body some serious damage and even can result in death if it goes to far. Tell someone older that you trust so you can get the proper care for yourself.

You need to tell your Mum NOW. She would be gutted if she wasn't given the chance to help you. She may not understand or she may shout and tell you you are being stupid and stop but that may be her way of dealing with it. Sit down and calmly tell her what you are doing and ask for her help to stop.You need professional help before it goes too far. Cutting and bulimia are signs there is something else going on you are not dealing with -self loathing, body image issues, lack of confidence etc. The professionals have seen and dealt with this loads of times and can help you. There is no way of avoiding the effects of lack of nutrition, bile eating at your tooth enamel etc except to stop. The only way to deal with this is to get help and deal with the cause not the symptoms. Bless you, at least you recognise you have a problem. Your Mum can get you the help you need if only you would ask.

Honey, you need to stop. "Not minding" having bulimia is terrible. It is not okay to force yourself to throw up to lose weight, even if you are obese. You could try calling Kids Help Phone first, but you're DEFINITELY going to need to tell your mom. Soon. I know this is going to sound cheesy, but you have to eat right and exercise to lose weight. If you talk to your physician and your mom, they can help you come up with a healthy diet plan. If you were cutting yourself before, you might want to take a look and see what it was that could have possibly sent you into depression. Believe me, bulimia is NOT something you want to have.

If you are asking how to make Bullima work for you, as a diet, forget it. It cannot. It is a neurological condition. It has already given you lasting results. There is a reason induced vomiting is a last resort. It destroys your esophagus, eats the enamel off your teeth and the worst part is... that it works. Being overweight is not the only extreme. There is a such thing as being underweight. You need to see a doctor asap! He/she can really measure you and tell you your ideal weigh for HEALTH and give you tips to improve your body image. But as I said, since it is a neurological condition, try this. It worked for me. Stand naked in front of a mirror until you LIKE your body. It you just keep getting depressed, start slowing putting on your favorite well fitting outfit. Do you hair, make-up. Really get gussied up, and stand there and see how beautiful you are. Get your mom in there and look through her eyes. You are beautiful. You dont need to mutilate your body to 'fit in'. Talk to someone who WONT just stand by and watch.

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