Is it normal to not have your period for three months when your 13?!

Question: Is it normal to not have your period for three months when your 13?
OK so im 13 years old and got my period Jan. 27th, and skipped all of February, spotted a few times in March and yeah i haven't had it this normal?? :/


LoL, its perfectly normal sweetie, don't worry. Before you know it, your period will be on a schedule of her own. It's absolutely NORMAL!!

A mother

Yes, it could be normal. If you are sexually active, then you should take a pregnancy test- but, if not, just make an appt with the gyn and see what they say.

It can sometimes take several years for your body to settle into a regular cycle.

Talk to a parent/guardian or school nurse for reassurance.

Well if you just started then you wont have cycle yet. So if you just started then yes otherwise no

if you just got it, yes, it will take time for your cycle to get set up

get it checked carefully


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