Tummy problems (the squirts)?!

Question: Tummy problems (the squirts)?
So this may be a bit gruesome but I've been having really watery diarrhea (it's like pooing complete liquid) and I've had it since about 5 pm (it's now 10).

I do tend to have diarrhea more often than most (probably like once a month), but it usually goes away after going to the bathroom like twice & taking some pepto.

I've taken pepto twice and drank a lot of water, but the diarrhea is still there :(
I have NO pain at all in my stomach.

What's wrong with me? :(


Go on the "brat" diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. Try to avoid high fiber (raw fruits and veggies, whole grains and seeds) which can make it worse.

This happens to everyone from time to time. If it persists, you may have a food allergy, so get it checked out.

nutrition classes

Since you said once a month, do you get diarrhea around the time of your period? If so then that could be the cause right there. Many women get diarrhea around them time of their period.

Here is an article about it:


nothing wait till it goes away and eat only liquids not solids

Just drink enough fluid so you don't get dehydrated. You'll be ok.

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