Is my period messed up from missing one pill?!

Question: Is my period messed up from missing one pill?
Last week I missed one pill and so I doubled up the next day as my doctor told me to if I missed one.My period was suppose to start within a few days of taking my placebos but I am now on day 2 of taking the pill again and still haven't gotten one.I don't want to worry that I am pregnant lol.I have a one year old :-/ Could my body just be messed up from missing the one pill?I have heard of people not getting a period while being on Loestrin24..Any input?


dont worry about it
i am on the same pill an i skiped then pill two times
an i want to the gyno about it an she told me it was normal
you will be fine i dont think your expecting lol unless you want to be
its very normal cause the pill helps straighten it out an once you miss it your body reacts like that
its fine
an your 1 year old is so adoreble
very cute
hope this helps you
god bless

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