My period is lighter than normal, I'm also sick and only 14?!

Question: My period is lighter than normal, I'm also sick and only 14?
I started my period as usual and on the first day it was normal, heavy and I had backaches and cramps later that day i took two pamprin and my cramps went away, also I had symptoms of a sore throat, and I got sprayed by my hose which made me cold, that night I had really bad chills and then I would get really hot, the second day I ran a low fever all day then that evening I was running a 103 fever my period is lighter than usual and Ive only had my period for about two years so it's not very regulated. My main question is does being sick make your period lighter than normal? And does having such a young period have anything to do with it? Honest answers please, thanks!


I think not having your period for awhile has something to do with it since your hormones can change just like that as well as your period and its very irregular at that time so a lot of stuff can happen to change it.
Get well soon!

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