HELP GIRLS ONLY!!!! is this my period?!

Question: HELP GIRLS ONLY!!!! is this my period?
k sooo, the past few days i have been having dischargey stufff and i just noticed in my underwear kind of a dark brown streak.. its not alot, but do you think its my period?

i'm fourteen and i'm pretty much fully grownnnn. :\
idk. do you think this is, ?

if so, will it be regular? will i have my period on random days?
i'm confuzed , just tell me everythin there is to know.. haha.


This is what happend to me bt i was 13. I will tell u what i did... When i started noticing the brown in my underwear i thought that was my period.. But i did not want to tell my mom cause i was not sure. So i used a panty liner.. its really thin pad i just used that incase i started bleedin. I kept using thoes for a few days.. I cant tell u if it is ur period but just be prepared to tell ur mom if u notice blood. lol u wont have it on random days.. When ur young it will be about a week long and about every 28 days when u start. there might be a month where u miss it to.. its normal cause it irragular when ur young and will be more regular when u get older.. and shorter to.. hope this helps..

happend to me

Well I think it means your going to have your period pretty soon.
As for the other time in first years of your period its normal for your period to be irregular meaning you can skip a month or a couple of months of not having your period, it can last two days to up to seven, There really is so set when you get your period when you young and just started, but as you get older you seem to get into a routine of when you period comes and so on. But of course it can change just like that, since period have a mind of their own.

sounds like yr period
talk 2 yr mom
get some pads (or tampons of yr mom thinks its ok)
btw it may not b regular for a few months to a year and a half
but it mayb be regular instantly
its yr body; it makes more decisions than u can imagine :)

Yes its probably your period and for the first two years or so your period will be irregular. Its completely normal. Just take good care of yourself. Also, is a great website for info and tips :) hope i helped

If you have stomach pain/cramps go talk to your mom show ur and tell her how ur feeling probablly is ur period ask her for a pad.

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