What does a bump on your vagina mean?!

Question: What does a bump on your vagina mean?
I have this bump it's fairly big my mom said prob an ingrown hair my friend had had one but I'm still worried and I no it can't be STD or anything cause I'm a virgin. I have shaved and it came after that. Please help I don't want to go to the doc that's imbarasing


Sounds like a pimple or an ingrown hair like your mother said. Don't worry about it.

Is it internal or external?If it's internal then you may need to see a doctor about that. However if its external then it most likely is an ingrown hair since you shave down there. I suggest you cut open the bump with a razor blade and pull out the hair. If you don't find an ingrown hair and instead you find puss,then its a cyst and you can remove it by compressing hot water on the bump and drain the grease out. If all fails,then go to the doctor and see if he/she can give you an antibiotic or an injection to remove it.

In all probabilities it is a simple cyst , please find a senior experienced Gynecologist , because younger lot can mess up with simple procedure .Yes , it will require a small operation .


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