When do your boobs really start to grow?!

Question: When do your boobs really start to grow?
I got my period about 10 months ago and my boobs are a small size 34 B. When will they really start to grow? I'm 14.


Well you most develop 2-3 years of getting your period, so you still have some time to grow. As well you breast size could be the same as your mother's since genes do play a role.

dude, thats actually kind of big.
I'm 14 and wear a 32A.
Be happy you have a B cup be happy tear tear.
you still got llots of growing to do tho

They will probably grow maybe one more cup size. It will probably happen soon since you just got your period. I was a 34A when I got mine and now im a 34B. You will most likely end up bring a C cup

dude they'll get bigger
i was that size at eleven and now im C36 and im only 13
its actually a bit embarassing
just give it time though

Mine started growing when I was 10/11. Some people don't actually start growing till they are 15/16 my sister didn't and the doctor said it was normal (:

ugh sorry it disappoint you honey but a 34 B is pretty big! that's probably as big as they will get!

my started growing when I was 9

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