Is a vigina discharge normal?!

Question: Is a vigina discharge normal?
My daughter , Isabel, has a white or yellow discharge that I don't know if it is normal. She still does not have her period. She is only 11 years old. All of her underwear is stained! I have gone to three doctors already .the first one said it was a infection. And all of the others say it is normal! I don't know much of this! Is it normal?


Well white and yellow discharge are two BIG different things, if its white its completely normal and nothing to worry about. If its yellow it could be a sign of a possible infection, just have her take a vaginal screening test which you can buy at any drug store and then take it from there.

hard to say
if its a thick yellow discharge its most likely a untreated yeast infection
or a early sign of one \
usally earlyer yeast infection cant be told or subjested intel the infection spreads to the outter part of the vagina
because they do start inside

if there a clumpy
or bad odor yellowish discharge
is more so a fungal infection

also if thats a normal family doctor you take her to
i would maybe try talking with a gyno doctor that studys that feild to get a better answer

You have a daughter and you don't know if discharge is normal or how to spell vagina? And why do we need to know her name?

I sense a troll...

Usually a girl at her age would only discharge when she's supposed to get her period. That doesn't sound normal. Maybe you should check out a doctor again.

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