Does obsessive compulsive disorder lead to anorexia in later life?!

Question: Does obsessive compulsive disorder lead to anorexia in later life?
I'm not describing myself here, but if one suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder as a child, does it mean that they are at a greater risk for developing anorexia as adults?


Yes. The traits associated with OCD are often associated with ED's. Although having OCD doesn't mean a person will have an ED, and having an ED doesn't mean a person has OCD, there is a positive correlation between the two.

ED's (eating disorders) are generally defined by two traits - anxiety over eating/gaining weight and obsessive thoughts about food and possible exercise. Anorexics are thought to have a genetic dispostion to these traits. OCD has similiar traits, and is thought to be dictated by genetics as well. Therefor if someone had OCD as a child, they likely have a genetic dispostion to obsessive thoughts/behaviour, anxiety, etc, so they're at higher risk of developing an ED than someone who does not have these traits. However they are at equal risk for developing an ED as someone who is OCD free, but still has those traits.

Nutritionist, studying for my Masters in Applied Human Nutrition, and a recovered anorexic.

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