wierd period days? please answer?!

Question: Wierd period days? please answer?
ok so im 14.5 years old and i got my first period in october. And period is usually a week or so, right? My first period was a month long. It stopped after that and the next time i had a period was in febriary. Also for a month long. I haven't had it since then. Is something wrong? will it get normal with time?


When a girl first starts her period, it can be incredibly irregular and might not regulate for years, or even ever for some women. However, the month long bleeding is a bit out of the ordinary. I would talk to your doctor, or whichever parental unit you feel like you can trust to help you out. It never hurts to just get checked out and make sure everything is okay.

Are you taking other medications, that may affect your menstral cycle? Like depression medications, antiboiotics some may affect it. Talk to your Gynecologist I know the shot to stop from getting pregnant stop your periods. The best one to answer your question is an gyncelogist a professional if could even be tubal problems or infection.


It will start to regulate over the years. Just carry a pad or tampon around just in case!

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