Had 2 miscarrages in 5 months - what's wrong?!?!

Question: Had 2 miscarrages in 5 months - what's wrong?!?
I had two miscarriages in five months. The first one was in November 2010 at about six weeks. I found out I was pregnant on the Saturday and the Monday I started bleeding & I phoned my doctor & she told me that I don’t have to worry. Wednesday I was still bleeding & I instantly knew that that was it! After that I started taking folic acid once a day. I fell pregnant shortly after that and had a miscarriage at the end of March 2011. I also woke up the morning & noted that there was blood. Instantly the red lights went of & I asked my hubby to take me to the hospital. There they told me that I was slightly dilated & that I should stay in bed & rest which I’ve done. They also told me that they can’t say for sure if I had a miscarriage or not & that I should come back the next morning to go for a sonar to see if there is still a heartbeat. I went back the next morning for my sonar & they found a heartbeat & they told me that I was almost ten weeks pregnant. The doctor put me on a week’s bed rest. The Monday I started bleeding again & I went back to the doctor & she send me to the gynecologist were he did a sonar again. And there was no heartbeat. He gave me two tablets to drink to go into labor but the baby didn’t come down. I had to go in to the hospital the next morning so that they can take my baby out. I’m feeling so low at this moment & I feel like I’m useless because I can’t even give my husband a baby. I’m really depressed & I don’t know how to handle this depression. I feel like no one understands the way I feel. I feel like it’s my fault I had two miscarriages because I’ve got high blood pressure. Is this my fault?! Will I be able to have a baby again?! Please help!!!!


Actually around 1 in 100 females had recurrent miscarriage (and this is defined as having 3 or more misscariage). So this is quite common condition, and you are not alone.A lot of conditions could cause this, so it is not your fault if you have this condition, because you are not intentionally do that.

Beside, 5 month is too short for your body to adjust the new changes. When you are pregnant, a lot of changes happen in your hormonal profile and metabolism. After misscarriage, body need some times to back to normal again, so that body can provide optimum situation for the baby. Maybe in the future you can visit your OBGYN doctor to examine your self to find the exact cause and make a plan for next pregnancy. the chance of next pregnancy is depend on the cause.

But the most important thing for you now is to get a psychological help. Ofcourse you want to carry your child in the future in a good and stabil mental health.

This RCOG website provide you short summary about reccurent miscarriage and what can you do to treat that. Goodluck...and wish you all the best


I would definitely wait 6 months+ before trying again. Give your body some time to re-cooperate from the loss. I would get on some medication for your high blood pressure, if you aren't already. Good luck to you and yours.

You may like to try taking a weekly dose of a homeopathic remedy called Thuja 30 and see if that helps you feel better and helps you carry the pregnancy full term. Thuja is known to help in preventing miscarriages happening in the third month especially in people who feel guilty about it and blame themselves. It just might help u as well

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