Normal Or Not: Female Talking To Dad About Sex?!

Question: Normal Or Not: Female Talking To Dad About Sex?
My parents are very open about sex. I was allowed to have sex when I was 15. I talk to my dad about my sex life and he gives me and my boyfriend tips on having sex. It works out very fine. I am now 20 and happily married to a man that most dads would shun. But by listening to my dad (he told me my boyfriend had potential) the man I am married to is now earning in the 6 figures.

My husband has no problem with it as our sex lives have soared through the roof thanks to my dad believing in me and my man.

My girlfriends called my dad a pervert when I told them this. He cared about me and therefore helped me in that area of my life. He never touched me or looked at me in any bad way.


As you are not a virgin any more, now a married one, I find there is no problem in discussing these things with a senior and experienced person, like your father. if at all it is necessary. But these things are not correct, after marriage and better you keep them between your self and your husband, as these are very personal matters. Never treat your Father as a Sex specialist and respect him as a Father.
Stop telling everything to your friends as they are not in a position to understand and analyse things in a proper perspective.
Never discuss personal matters outside your home especially with friends as they are not one way or the other inexperienced and unwise.
You can keep your friends for TIME PASS and for just cutting jokes.
Maturity, intelligence and wisdom differ from person to person.
It is not correct to discuss every subject with friends.
To be frank, all human beings are perverts.
Mind you, experience makes the man perfect.
You will become an expert in many subjects, if you adopt common sense, logic, observation and understanding.
All the best my dear and take care.
My blessings to you my child.
Never mind and care the comments of others (public) till your conscious is on track.

I guess it is ok that you have such an open relationship with your Dad, but giving you permission to have sex at fifteen when you are considered a minor, according to law does not mesh.
And some say, a fifteen year old is not responsible enough to have sex, and I know they know exactly what they are doing, but if you were to have sex with a minor, you would be in jail. As far as giving tips, that is very bizarre and unnatural, but I am not judging you, it is only my opinion. Everyone is different.

i think that its always been and is still very weird for a girl to have a conversation about such a thing as sex so openly with their father, i know that me being 20 and being sexually active for about 4 years, i could never talk to my dad about sex in such an open manner.
i think that as long as your dad never demonstrated these things on you and kinda knew when enough was enough that it is absolutly fine, as long as you were comfortable with it, its fine :)

I think your situation is rare, but WONDERFUL, and I wish that kind of free, open, loving communication could be available to ALL women and their fathers. Your friends, while they may be uncomfortable, really have no context whatsoever to make a judgment about your life and your parents' lives. Just because something is unusual or hasn't happened in someone's life before does NOT make it wrong.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Some girls have the same exact conversations with their moms, so why not their dads if they're willing?

I think the sex tips thing is a little odd, though. Or maybe I just find it awkward because I would NEVER want to talk to EITHER of my parents about that one! Awkward.....

Well, yeah, that's normal.
I never knew your parents are so open enough, mostly your dad. I'd say congratulations for being a good dad.

(As for you, I bet your life got ruined after your first sex, right?)

It's fine with me! I also talk to my dad about everything since I can remember!! Just shows you that you have a great relationship with him & that's great.


It's fine, your family are just more open than others! 6 figures? How about you send a donation my way? xD

In my personal opinion I wouldn't want my Dad to give me or my boyfriend/husband sex tips. That's too far. But being open to talk about sex and how things work and all that is fine. But the tips thing goes far for me.

And being allowed to have sex is one thing. Do you think if you weren't allowed to have sex you wouldn't have or you still would have without there consent?

I think young people (I feel old now I'm 25) are going to have sex if they have made their mind up. And if you were ready you were ready. But I wouldn't tell my children that they were allowed to have sex. I would think that would make them think it was a free for all on things. And it's not. It should be for someone special. Not just because your hormones are telling you to "do it." But I'm not saying that was your case. I just feel if every parent said, "Hey (insert child's name) you are allowed to have sex." Then most children would think, "Hey this must not be a big deal because I am allowed to do this, and I mean by body is telling me to do it anyway and since I won't get punished for it, maybe I should go for it.'

But I digress. Personally I think it was great you were able to be open with your dad about sex, but giving tips to me and my boyfriend about it is strange to me and I wouldn't want that. And I feel if most kids were allowed to have sex by there parents there would be more emotionally disturbed teens out there that had sex before they were ready. But this is all my opinion. I mean to insult no one.

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