Roughly how tall will i be when im older?!

Question: Roughly how tall will i be when im older?
My dad is 5ft5
My mom is 5ft3
I'm a vegetarian and I'm 13 years old right now and I'm 5ft1 so roughly could you guys estimate how tall I will be when I'm older?


When i was your age, i always wondered how tall i would be, so i asked my doctor. He said it depends on when you get your period, you'll grow for about a year (or sometimes two) before your done growing, usually you stop around the time your period becomes regular... Since both your parents are on the short size, i guess you'll be on the short size too, probably around the same height as your mom. Some people think it's bad to be short, but i'm really tall, and i wish i was short! (Short people are lucky! :-) )

Hope i helped!

No one can tell you how tall you'll be. Some 13 year olds are near their adult height, others will grow another 6 inches, it depends on your development and when you've hit puberty.

Most girls have their big growth spurt during early puberty, at this time they can grow as much as 4-6 inches in a year, and then only grow about 1-3 inches after that, finishing up around age 15-16, or 2-3 years after they've gotten their period. Everyone is different, a girl who reaches puberty early, around age 8, may only grow until she's around 13, while someone who doesn't hit puberty until they're 13-14, may be 18-19 before reaching their final height.

Your parents height doesn't necessarily predict yours, my parents are 5'7" and 6'4", I only ended up being 5'3". (I hit puberty at 8, got my period at 10, and stopped getting taller around age 12)

Here's a link you might find helpful:…

No clue hun. You might grow taller because of genes from grandparents or something. My mom is 5'2" and my dad is 5"9 and I'm 5'7". Also my friend has female family members that are all around 5'7" and she's 6'1". She's even taller than most of the guys in her family. You'll just have to wait it out.

Well I'm 5'3. My mom is 5'2 and my dad is 6'0. I took over my mom's side of the family! It really depends on your genetics and diet. I think you'll be your mom's height. Make sure you get enough proteins in your diet.

you're only 13 so you've got many years of growing, although your genetics will most likely keep you short, i'd predict your closer to the 5'5" maybe a little taller, then again maybe not.

Add them both together to get your height.

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