Please read! Unusually long menstrual cycle...?!

Question: Please read! Unusually long menstrual cycle...?
I'm 27 and have always had normal periods. My cycle is perfect, every 28 days like clock work, and it always lasts from 5-7 days with light to moderate flow. This month is way off. I've been on my period for 15 days and it's extremely heavy, at least 3x my normal flow. I'm not cramping, although my abdomen is very sore when I press on it. I'm losing weight, about 10 lbs. so far. Other than that, I feel pretty normal. I see my doctor tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and knew the reason behind it. Thanks in advance! :)


Are you getting the headaches along with it?

I am thinking your normal, I know you are usually like clockwork, but it is normal for women to have extremely long periods (up to about 3 weeks)...well not normal...but not abnormal. I think the biggest concern is that you are losing too much blood and could possibly become anemic. Do you feel OK when you stand up quickly from sitting? the fact that you are losing weight concerns me... are you sure that the blood is coming from your vagina? Is it possible that it's coming from your anus and that it just feels like it's from your vagina? No, I don't ask that because I think you are dumb but it happens quite a bit in clinic. If that is the case, it could be a while different problem. Also, is it possible that you are pregnant?... you have to consider when your last intercourse was, if your body is rejecting a "fetus" it would most likely happen about 12-15 days out...but it is still possible for it to occur at other times. Also, it's possibly you could have a polyp in your vagina and never known about it and it could be actively bleeding... most likely sign of that would be pain during intercourse.

good luck at the doctor, and try not to stress out too much, i'm sure it'll be OK.

med school 4th year

you may be having 'Menorrhagia'. a condition in where women ge their period for more than 7-8 eight days. ur do will give u some advice.

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