HELP!!!!!! Am i pregnant? This is serious and i need good answers?!

Question: HELP!!!!!! Am i pregnant? This is serious and i need good answers?
Okay, so I started my Sprintec birth control on a sunday and on the label it says wait 7 days before having unprotected sex. And saturday, the day before the week was up me and my boyfriend had sex and he came inside me. Im only 19 and Im just curious if this is something that i should take into serious consideration, or will i be ok...? PLEASE HELP.


You should never fight what birth control directions say, however if you had sex just the day before the week was up I would think you would be okay. My reasoning is that they need to add a few days onto their "suggested wait time" because of legal purposes. The medicine may only take a few days to sink in, but to achieve their "99.9% effectiveness" they can't chance it by allowing people to have unprotected sex too close to their proven effectiveness date. So you are most likely fine, but you won't be 100% positive until you get your period again.

You'll be okay, but not after 9 months when you're welcomed into a world of changing diapers and staying up all night.
Wait until your period, take a pregnancy test and then weigh your options. If you had handled this before now you could've taken Plan B but you've waited to long, needs to be within 72 hours.

Yes, you should take it into serious consideration. You had sex before the pill was fully effective and you could very well become pregnant.

Of course you should be worried, especially since you're suppose to use back up birth control for the first entire month.

i think you'll be fine xx

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